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Hey, I'm Julian.

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About me

I am a computer engineer and software developer, currently proud part of the international Junior Managers Progam (JMP) of Bosch.

I am recipient of the Austrian Würdigungspreis for outstanding academic achievements, as just one of two students among 1000+ graduates of TU Wien (acceptance rate < 0.2%). In addition, I am (co-)author of two peer-reviewd, scientific publications and have an excellent university record (grade average of 1.03). Since 2023, I am alumnus of the Bachelor with Honors program of TU Wien's faculty for informatics, striving to promote excellent students.

Apart from the previously mentioned honors, I have received the Palfinger Elevate scholarship, the Huawei - Seeds for the future scholarship and multiple merit-based stipends by TU Wien.

Regarding my interest, I am a computer engineer by heart, fascinated by embedded systems and digital circuit design. In university, my focus additionally centered around formal methods and their applications in fields such program analysis, security and distributed systems.

On the practical side, I have professional software development experience using C#, Java and Python. For university projects, I have also extensively used C/C++ and VHDL.

If you are interested, do not hesitate do contact me.

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While in academia, I worked on the verification of (probabilistic) programs and contributed to the following scientific publications:

Professional Record

Before joining Bosch, I have been employed in the following positions (for more details see my LinkedIn profile)
  • TU Wien ― Research Student / Teaching Assistant in Laura Kovács's research group on automated program reasoning.
  • RUAG Space (now Beyond Gravity) ― VHDL Design and Verification
  • Thales Ground Transportation (now Hitachi) ― Java Developement
  • AVL List ― Python Developement
  • DAM - Dynamic Assembly Machines ― C# Developement